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Be A Player is HERE!


Be A PlayerWe’re so excited… the day has finally arrived!! After 3 years of writing, editing, writing, editing, writing, editing, and more… Be A Player is finally here! Order your copy through Amazon and please leave us a review if you found the book helpful. We appreciate your feedback.


If you order your copy through our WebShop, you’ll receive a special bookmark as a gift towards your great golf. The book is also available through various booksellers listed on the Be A Player page on our website here.


We wrote Be A Player because we think most golfers are underperforming and many get frustrated about their game. The only place to explore how to deal with the variability of the game and how to manage yourself is ON the golf course. Be A Player is all about learning the Human Skills of the game, while you play your regular rounds of golf.

  • There is a reason Annika only spent 4-5 sec. in her Play Box.
  • There is a reason Russell won by listening to his gut.
  • There is a reason Ariya smiles as she steps into the Play Box.
  • There is a reason IK focused on being OK with good enough shots.
  • There is a reason Kevin dials down his tempo under pressure.

In Be A Player, you will get a chance to explore what works best for you and create your unique game plan for PLAYING the game.


Be A Player ResourcesBe A Player Resources


Download or buy these extra resources on the dedicated Be A Player page on our website here.

  • Free downloads of our Playing Focus Scorecards, MY54 / NOT54 Coaching Cards, and Grid Card
  • Be A Player Notebook – includes all the questions from the book and more worksheets to write down your discoveries (available as a digital PDF or a printed notebook)
  • Be A Player On Course Explorations – all of the on-course sessions with space to write notes so you can easily print it and bring it with you to the golf course (digital PDF)

The next step, following these initial explorations, is to take this learning further with on course training:

  • On Course Practice Plan 1.0: Awareness & Performance Routine
  • On Course Practice Plan 2.0: Between Shot Management & Variability

Both have twelve 9-Hole training sessions and prompts for reflecting on your learning, experiences and “ah-ha’s” that you discover along the way. (digital PDFs)


We also created a Be A Player Bundle which includes these resources:Be A Player Bundle

  • Be A Player Notebook
  • Be A Player On Course Explorations
  • Be A Player Bookmark
  • VISION54 Notebook + pen
  • VISION54 Ball markers

To celebrate the release of the book, we’re offering this bundle at $10 off for one week only. WebShop >>


>> Helpful Hint in the US: Father’s Day is just around the corner! :)


The Golf Channel


>> We will be featured on The Golf Channel’s Morning Drive on June 7th and 8th, along with digital coaching tips and a Facebook LIVE session on June 8th at 9:30am EST.




Our online virtual golf school – MYGAME – is another excellent resource for further exploring and practicing the Human Skills presented in Be A Player. MYGAME is available online, worldwide on any web-enabled device … on demand, on your schedule, at your pace. Use offer code MGsum10 for 10% off throughout the summer.


>> Sign up for MYGAME here.


As always, stay in touch through all of our social media accounts for fun videos and practice tips to help you fully engage your Human Skills and your potential as a Happy + Better Golfer!



As we like to say, get out ON course and Be A Player!



Best 54 Wishes,

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