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Happy Spring!


For many of you, the golf season is just beginning. For us, here in Arizona, our season is coming to an end as the summer heat approaches. However, it’s a busy and exciting time here at VISION54!


Be A PlayerPre-Order Be A Player Now!


After 3+ years of work, Be A Player is off to be printed!! We are very eagerly awaiting the release of it on June 6th. As an exclusive special for our eNews friends… you can order it directly from us prior to the release date… with a twist! :) We will be receiving a shipment ahead of time and will send an early signed copy to the first 100 who order it through our WebShop. You can place your order now and we’ll send them out as soon as we have them in hand from the publishing house.


It is also available for pre-order (at a great price) from any of these options:



Be A Player booksellers


Be A Player Resources


To coincide with the release of Be A Player, we are also going to provide some new support material that will be available on a dedicated page on our website. We are creating PDFs with many options for on course training and a notebook where you can record your learnings and discoveries as you read Be A Player. More announcements will be coming as we get closer.


>> We’ll also be appearing on the Golf Channel on June 7th and 8th! Check us out!


Changing the Equation


For quite awhile now, we’ve communicated our coaching philosophy with the equation: Technical Skills + Human Skills. While this is still accurate, it needed a tweak. The more we coach golf and observe golf, the more obvious it becomes. This version using the “plus” symbol, suggests “the sum of” you and your technique. You and your technique are integrated and it doesn’t make much sense to see them as dualistic components. At the same time, it also isn’t complete to say that it’s your technique plus your mental game. It should be your technique combined with you as a human being (body, mind and emotions).


Technical Skills X Human Skills = How Well You Play


We’ve tweaked the equation, changing the “plus” symbol to a “multiplier” symbol. This small change provides clarity that you can have a high technical skill base, but if you can’t manage your human skills to create a good performance state, your great technique will not show up on the golf course. It’s oneness vs. dualism. It’s the complete integration of your technical skills and your human skills. Next time you hit the course, make sure you put attention on both, but keep your playing focus on managing your performance state.


New Website Coming!


In addition to all the exciting news above, we’re also thrilled to let you know that we’ll be launching a refreshed website soon. Our goal is to make it more reflective of how we talk about golf and the VISION54 skills. It’ll be simpler to navigate and more interactive for a more engaging experience. We are also creating better guidance around which training, products and programs are best for different categories of golfers, making it easier for you to choose your best path with VISION54. Stay tuned for more announcements!


In the meantime, get on course and Be A Player!



Best 54 Wishes,

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